Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Once again, I was in New York at the most glorious time of year, the winter holidays. If there is any doubt in your mind that there is no holiday spirit......I was there( the I have no holiday spirit part).....just visit New York, smell the chestnuts, see the crowds, look in the windows, go to the open air holiday markets and be with good friends.
We saw the amazing windows at Bergdorfs (always the best, in my opinion), and went to a number of art exhibits and the Fashion Institute of Technology to see the Daphne Guiness exhibit .The Bergdorf windows always inspire me.( I was just glancing back to last years post at this time and I created some work in response to what I saw in the windows then.) I was intrigued this year by fashion as art and the people that are drawn to it. I have been experimenting with water color paints and yupo paper and found that using fashion and portrait paining lent themselves very well to the medium.  

Portrait of Daphnie Guiness from a photograph
Window inspiration

Photo from a Chanel advertisement.......I was terrified to try to draw the perspective of the angle of this model. Is she super thin or is it just the camera lens?

My interpretation

Bergdorf window with "distorted model".

Happy Holidays ...from this crazy window gazer to you. May you find peace, joy and beauty in everything around you.