Thursday, June 28, 2007


I had so many things going through my mind this morning, I was unable to choose one of them to post, so here goes a long one. Perhaps, I can take the next year off....yeah, sure.

Most importantly, today is my mothers 93rd birthday....shhhhh, don't tell anyone. She told some of her friends where she lives that she is 84!! I told her she should be proud of her age and how active she still tries to be, despite extreme osteporosis, but, no, she wants to be 84. She has had a hard life. Always working hard, taking care of my father through his alzheimers, then my As an only child I am doing my best to keep her happy these days......and let me tell you, sometimes it's not easy (she can be cranky :-)).

The photo above is a "mishmash". It's actually a beautiful photo my daughter Emily took of her, after she "dressed her up" in the weird makeup and curlers. Emily won an award in a show with that photo. I decided to photograph it in the frame. What you see is my reflection, in my blue PJs. I liked it this way. Just ignore the as yet uncombed hair.

She met my father at a ballroom dancing. She loves to dance. The old photo is when she was in her late 20's, still not married. The one in the middle is her now, with my son Daniel, at his wedding in October. What a happy day for all of us. Then the woman who now has trouble walking a few steps without a walker, is seen dancing the hora at the wedding. There is no keeping her still when the right music is playing. Her favorite TV show is "Dancing With the Stars".

Below are three pieces I did , using my mothers images, in response to feelings about aging. They are sandcast glass imbedded with copper. I love working in the sand, imbedding an image and then pouring the hot molten glass into the image and watching it cool.


These next images I did for Constance, at Rochambeau. One of her last posts had to do with one of mother natures most beautiful designs, the shell. They make her happy. I got inspired and needed to sketch.

Lastly, my friend Judy at Red Velvet, has been posting some incredibly thought provoking images and writing about the Holocaust. I had mentioned in a previous post or two about an incredible museum in Philadelphia, The Liberty Museum. founded by a man named Irv Borowsky, an incredible man with an incredible art glass collection. He put together a great group of artists that made pieces for a book and exhibit called "Artists Confronting the Inconceivable", remembrances of the Holocaust. Below are just some of the unique and beautifully emotional works that were chosen.

Listen to the Flames by Toan Klein

Portrait of Anne Frank by Dana Zamecnikova

Please Look at Me by Steve Tobin

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Trash cans in Brooklyn. you think they look better "decorated", or not? I found them to be a welcome change. They made me smile :-)

A face on the wall of a bathroom in Bistro Moutarde in Brooklyn.

From the always fabulous windows of Bergdorf Goodmans. "Fall preview"!!! if you can believe soon.

The product of a wonderful day shopping at New York Central Art Supply. They have the best paper, brush, paint and just about everything else collection/selection I have ever seen crammed into an incredibly small space.

We went to see the Broadway show "Jersey Boys" and went out to dinner for Emilys birthday. I had not been a HUGE 4 Seasons fan (any of you "youngsters" remember them?)....but this show featuring their story and music was fabulous.

Last but certainly NOT least, on the way up to NYC, Em and I had "Dunch"( what we are calling a meal between lunch and dinner) with my friend Constance. I've mentioned her in another post and how fabulous her handbags are. You can see her blog by clicking on her name to the right......anyway, she brought some samples of her new work and this one just grabbed me. I only wish you could see all of the fine detail work inside as well.