Friday, March 12, 2010


" Never grow a wishbone ,where your backbone ought to be."
- Clementine Paddleford

I took two wonderful classes with Robert Dansik. He has developed an incredible product called Faux Bone. Please click on the links to check it all out.

I loved working with it. It was another case for me, however, of "I am never going to do that". I did it and was fascinated with learning the techniques of using the Faux Bone and I actually learned how to rivet.......about time. Don't look too closely at the riveting, remember, I am a newbie.

It is a book, of sorts. I have not yet finished the inside.

I am currently in the Rockies, the backbone of the United States........all 3000 miles of it.
The view from my window this morning.

I have had a few injuries in the last few years, but I managed to get myself back on the mountain. Skiing is akin to flying for me. My endorphins are at their peak.

Showing where I cut this piece out of the Faux Bone.

I riveted a found object to the Faux Bone and added etched lines and paint.

..... etched and painted copper of course!

A view from the top of Telluride, Colorado.