Sunday, March 6, 2011


"There is a great appetite to work, and then my sketchbook serves me as a cookbook when I am hungry. I open it and the least of my sketches can offer me material for work." - Georges Braque
I have artists block. It is a dreary Sunday. Grey. When I am feeling uninspired, I always head back to the basics. I "draw" on drawing or sketching. There is something about making black lines on white paper that is so very satisfying.  It saves me from the clouds that begin to gather around the artful side of my brain. What lifts you out of the clouds? Of course, a new pair of shoes and thinking about spring gardening helps as well.
The state of my studio! You see, a sketchbook would be the only thing I could find here. I need serious help. This is what happens when you do project after project and do not clean up after after yourself. I am making myself show the world how disgusting it is. Perhaps that will inspire me to not only clean it up, but will help me begin to create more mixed media stead of mixed UP media, since I can't find much at the moment.
.......and after I am done.