Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In 1909, a photographer for National Geographic, named Wilhelm Von Gloeden, took this photograph called, "Sicilian Street Urchins". I found them to be fascinating because they looked far wiser (streetwise at least) than what seems to be their very young years. Worldly expressions on very young faces.

When I did an encaustic workshop last year, to try out some new techniques, I used these children as my inspiration.....to play around. I was prompted to mention playing around with this delicious medium after looking at what Judy Wise is doing. Wow. Check it out.

It is a medium for all of your senses.......hearing may not be in the mix, but the rest are. One of my favorite things to do is, every once in awhile. I take my hand and rub the bloom that may build up on the wax. It shines it right up and feels great. The bees wax also has a sweet smell.

I took this closeup, so that you can possibly see the textures and "build up" you can get. Plus you can attach just about anything with the wax.....I even used some gold leaf. I've seen artists create a sculpture where a painting was started.

Breakfast in Tuscany-

So, I also wondered, were those children hungry? My next post on Italy was certainly going to be about food. In a country that has "food" as it's mantra, I find it difficult to believe, but I'm sure it must be true. I could start a "heavy" conversation here about world hunger....food prices going up......farmers being paid more to grow bio-diesel source crops than food....but I won't..... now.

My second favorite Italian food......grapes hanging heavy on the vine, ready for picking, outside of Montepulciano.

"Leftovers, after the morning market at the Campo di Fiori in Rome-

Fall harvest, Italian style-

How come WE only get those little dried up packages........yum, fresh and unbelievably good!

Who can guess what this is? We sat next to a delightful couple from South Africa and Australia at a great restaurant in Venice. We all laughed hysterically all night. Their teeth were black.

My favorite dessert.......fragole piccolo...probably not spelled correctly.......means " little strawberries". Put a bit of gelato on top and ....out you go.......your waistline, that is.

Buon appetito!

I guess I was all over the place on this one......sometimes you've just gotta let it all spill out.

Coming next......flea market finds.