Thursday, March 15, 2007

Architectural salvage

On the road to Telluride, in Ridgeway Colorado, there is a shop that sells old architechtural building parts and just about anything else that used to be a part of something. It's called "Old Home Highlights". I purchased some old rusty ice skates and some parts to an old wood burning stove.......I'm attempting to start some kind of creation with them. I am not sure where it is going yet, but I'll let you know.

Dogsledding in Telluride


The last day we decided to try something different. Dogsledding! We loved it. It was a chilly start (daylight savings time interupted our sleep) but it warmed up considerably and we had a picnic midway through the trip. The dogs absoulutely love it. After much barking (since they want to get going!!) they quiet down and get down to running . It's so much more pleasant than listening to the sound of a snowmobile and smelling the fumes.

That's Bob and yours truely at the top, the view from the drivers seat, "Minnie" our fearless lead dog and last but not least, Emily (my daughter), Michael, our guide and Emilys boyfriend Ryan.

Taking off from the airport (second highest in the world!!!) you can truely see the beauty of the mountains.
I never get tired of staring out of the window.