Saturday, June 16, 2007


First, I would like to send many thanks to everyone that offered such kind words from my last post. I've spent the last few days in New York City with my wonderful daughter, keeping her company while she is starting grad school and have not had computer access (sometimes a blessing!!).

With all of the "away time" I have had lately, I have not had ANY time for creating. I do find it mind expanding however, coming up with creative things to post. Since I was in the "big city" the last few days and usually tend to see "rural beauty" on many blogs, I decided that I would share something incredibly wonderful about my city, Philadelphia.

In 1984, a woman named Jane Golden, started what was supposed to be a short lived mural program, to combat the worsening graffiti problem we were having (I was particularly struck by the incredible amount of graffiti I saw in Portugal, which I was told was a recent problem.....just thought I'd mention that). To make a long story short.....yeah...right!......Philadelphia now has the most murals of any city in the world (over 2700)! There are wonderful tours. There is a website ( They are truely transforming. These are just a few examples. Enjoy.