Friday, April 20, 2007

TIME ON MY HANDS I'm still stuck at home, coughing and sniffling. I thought I'd throw in a shot of the beach in Cabo and think about how warm, dry and sunny it was. I love the starkness of the desert (of course, they've thrown a few golf courses in, that you can see off in the distance) against the fabulous blue water in the Sea of Cortez.

As an added bonus, I thought I'd show you some of the jewelry I've made. A little history.....a few years ago, I broke my shoulder skiing and couldn't paint or do much else with my hand and arm. A friend who also paints hurt her shoulder as well. A few friends would get together and draw or paint once in awhile and she showed up one day with a box of beads because she couldn't hold a paint brush for very long........I'm trying to make the story short here...but......I fell in love with beads. Putting the colors, textures, sizes and whatever else together,was very much like painting. The one thing I have a problem with though, is not actually making the beads themselves. Somehow it was difficult for me to think I was actually "creating" something if I wasn't making every part of it. I tried fusing glass beads....didn't like how they turned out. I love lampworked beads, but don't actually like to do the lampworking myself.

I ended up doing some jewelry shows and also had my work in The Liberty Museum in Philadelphia and a gallery and sold quite a few pieces. I haven't done much with it lately. These are some pieces that I still have. I will be taking a workshop with Keith Lo Bue in a few weeks and perhaps I will be inspired to create some "found object" jewelry.......we'll see.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



So, this pretty much says it, not really. But this is the extent of my purchases. Two bottles of excellent Tequila and now that I have a better understanding of Dia de los Muertes (thanks demeng!) a commemorative statue.

My husband and I had an awesome time. I came home with some sort of upper resperatory bug...cough, cough...but that gives me some time to catch up on....what else? new adiction, blogging.

A few business meetings....4 rounds of golf (yes, I know it seems a bit odd) Bob and I started together about 7 years ago on a trip to Jamaica (an all-inclusive resort). We were bored one afternoon and decided to give the stupid game a shot. Well...we were lucky enough to have the "Bob Marley" of golf instructors....need I say more. Anyway......if you consider it more of a board (not "bored") game, like chess, where you strategically move your piece (ball) from one place to the next, in the least amount of moves....not a sport to get becomes more fun. In the tournament we played this trip I won longest womens drive and closest to the pin....woohoo. ENOUGH ABOUT GOLF

It was difficult finding "found objects" on this trip. They keep the area , Los Cabos, pretty clean. I was able to find a few things, though.

Much of it I found on the beach. Driftwood, seaglass (love it Judy!!!), a piece of crab shell, the top of a beer can, a mule bit and a big old rusty key.

I prefer San Jose del Cabo (still a quaint old Mexican town) to Cabo San Lucas (where you can dance drunk with a chicken and buy a tee shirt). San Jose has an "art walk" every Thursday evening. All of the galleries and restaurants in town are open serving all kinds of food and drink. They have a pretty good gallery scene there.

Here are a few teasers til next time.....gotta go take my medicine.

I love faces.