Friday, March 6, 2009


Better late than never.

I've been itching to be a part of Seth's disintegration project (The Altered Page) and just managed to get it together in the past few days.

I decided that I would make use of some of the techniques I've been playing with lately. Heavy water color paper, heavy acrylic medium, copper, metal findings, stitching..........and just to see what will happen......some BLING. What do I hope will happen? It would be great if I end up with "vintage" bling. Perhaps some of the stones will fall out, rust will form, the finish will crack......a girl can only hope.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This piece began with the vintage ceramic flower in the center that I wired to a copper sheet and grew from there. I once again etched, drew, painted and stitched on the copper.

I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Monday during a snow storm. What a refreshing change from the winter weather, to step inside the convention center and see fresh flowers......everywhere.

A collage made entirely of flower and plant petals.

The theme this year was Bella Italia.


Another collage of real flower petals.

More incredible fashion statements with live plants.

A table I would LOVE to have in my house.