Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful Handbags.... and a brush

I met Constance Muller last summer at a craft show in Long Beach Island New Jersey, where we were both showing our work (jewelry for me, handbags for her). I instantly knew she was a beautiful person inside and out (looks like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys).

She designs fabulous, unique bags including ones she calls "Floralinas", a great collectors item. There is a story behind them, which I won't go into now. I am linked to her website and her work can be seen in the new edition of Haute Handbags from Somerset Studios.

We exchange thrift store"goodies" every once in awhile.........anyway.......this brings me to another FABULOUS BRUSH that has come to be in my collection....courtesy of Constance.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


For all of you assemblage artists out there......I was in Maine in January.....yes, friends Walter and Arlene had purchasd two new paintings. They were stunning! Not only were they spectacular to look at, they were paintings of old "things", artfully arranged, subject matter that I am very much interested in at the moment, painted in a "classically realistic" style.

Walter mentioned that Johns studio was nearby, so we arranged a visit. I only wish I had taken photos. Imagine a huge space, overlooking a lake, full of old rusty stuff. Like his paintings though, they were organized and artfully arranged....and yes, beautiful. He was happy that I was so interested, not only in his work, but his "stuff". I was particularly interested in his brush collection. He was kind enough to let me choose one to take.

I found it fascinating that suddenly I was seeing these things in a classical painting rather than glued together.

Many of the things he uses, come from what sounds like an incredible place, the Liberty Tool Company, in Liberty, Maine.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lost and Found

I took some time yesterday to go through a closet that has not seen the "light of day" for some time. I found an oil painting I did in college (GULP!) of my father. I had unstretched it years ago. I guess you could call it "vintage". I probably did it in 1972. My father has been gone since 1974. I guess the lesson here is to go through your closets once in awhile!!! This is a priceless find for me. He was in his 70's at the time and had late stage Alzheimers.......yes they knew about it way back then. I'm not trying to bum people out here, I'm just thrilled that I found it.