Monday, March 22, 2010


I have come back down to earth after my two weeks of flying and floating down the mountains of Telluride Colorado. It is so true how fresh air and exercise can release the endorphins and make you feel as happy as can be. I am not kidding.

Do you know what can make you feel like you have returned to reality? A huge pile of junk mail in the mailbox.
What can you do with it besides throw it out? Recycle it and make a book!!! It helps to get those endorphins flowing again.

Especially if you are down to what feels like your last dollar.

Get between the covers when you are done and read a great book........"The Help" and "Little Bee".
Don't you just love those little independent book shops?

Can't think of a thing to say here, other than I loved the shadow of this sign against the mountain. Besides, Telluride has a wonderful "wild west feel"'s pretty peaceful now, though.
.........which brings me to .........

...........Yes, they now have 4 medical marijuana shops. It is not a large town. They serve brownies and tea........if you have a card.

Times have certainly changed.......

My best moments, were with my family.

Didn't even have time for art making .

Just enjoyed the view.