Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This quote was just one of the many that were written on a daily basis when I was at "the ranch" a few weeks ago, on blackboard type mosaic sculptures around the property. I just loved it. There are so many of us that just live it to the fullest. Not a second wasted. Not even in our dreams or thoughts or imaginations.

I've been feeling very strongly today that I wish I had grown up with parents that were educated. My father had only reached 6th grade and then had to go to trade school. He was born in 1902...that's what happened when the family needed money. My mother, 8th grade and then to work. She is now 93. ........yes, they were OLD when I was born.....:-). Therefore, when I was in school, I had to fend for myself in many ways and tended to not be inclined nor encouraged to study (in my early years). Anyway, I read so many of your blogs and am so in awe of how most of you compose your posts. The writing is so well thought out and inspirational in so many ways. English was a subject that was frightening to me. Words do not come easily. Blogging has become an extraordinary learning experience .

Bear with me while I figure out a more dramatic and creative approach to the written language.

Here you will find the Shechtman family. My maiden name. Helen, little Karen and Louis (or Louie, as most people called him). This photo was taken in the spring of 1955.....yikes!!! .....on a stroll down the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was "proper" to get dressed up in those days to go strolling. Now you see just about any form of dress...mostly the kind of clothing that you see in the "don'ts" section of a fashion magazine. I was just at a beach near this spot this past holiday weekend, so I know this for a fact..........LOT'S of "don'ts".

The photo inspired me to do something creative. I decided to go the ceramic route and rolled out a slab, used slips (a type of underglaze that is matte) to paint my interpretation of the photo and added a textured clay frame and fired it in my kiln.

The following two photos I just found of my mother. My cousins got together last week because one of them is putting a family tree, of sorts, together and we were all sharing old pictures. These were new to me. My mother was not particularly interested in talking about them either. She insisted that it wasn't for Halloween. More family secrets? Oye! She is 15 in the first and the next was in 1933.

I decided to share these for the benefit of my friend Constance at Rochambeau.
See Constance, you are not the only one with a costumed family!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your life by the lapels and GO!