Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been working on a few projects in my studio. I can only show glimpses at this time.......yeah sure. Some people hate that. Me? I think the small sections of work that people sometimes show are little GEMS in themselves.

I have also returned to my roots by going back to sketching. I can thank Barron Storey for that. I returned yet again to see his sketchbooks at the Society of Illustrators and spent a few more hours checking out the magic of his mark making.

Below you will find an "artsortment" of my"glimpses", PLUS my garden, that because of all of the rain we have been having, is looking better than it ever has. Also, when I was in NYC to see the Barron show again, I also went to The Met to see the incredible Medieval drawings. They will be on exhibit through the end of the summer.

Garden glimpses-

Hey Judy, check out the Prato Haggadah circa 1300. Have you guys read People of the Book? It's a wonderful story. Below images from The Metropolitan Medieval drawing exhibit.