Sunday, November 1, 2009


Remembering my mother. Helen Dorner Shechtman 1914-2009, with love and appreciation for who she was and who she became.

She would have never understood the traditional skeleton representation of Dia De Los Muertos therefore, I chose to use one of her favorite photos. I made a breastplate/neck piece that uses some of her old jewelry parts and a piece of her crochet trim. She loved "bling". The bigger the better.

The staff at Elm Terrace Gardens, where she lived, had this to say when she died. Something I treasure.

"Karen, your mother shared a world of warmth and love while living out each day........

.....She had her share of tougher times, yet never lost her way....

....she showed the world what a great person she was in everything she did......

....and for the joy she brought to all, today we honor our dear Helen."

A special thank you to Susanna and Stephanie for organizing this and putting it all together.

With love,