Saturday, February 23, 2008


I simply can not say enough about what a wonderful few days I had with some fantastic fellow artistic blogger women Constance, Susanna, Paula and Leslie not to mention my beautiful daughter Emily. Just inspiring trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit, a whirlwind tour of Philadelphia, two great dinners (if I do say so myself), many glasses of wine, discussions of many topics, including art, age (we were in our 20's, 30's 40's and 50's.....I won't say who was which age, of course), piercing, travel, friendship, family, art again.....I could go on......, hot tubbing, thrift store shopping. I'm thinking of going into the blogger girl travel and get together business. I loved every moment.

Above you see my shrine to the group. I received some very thoughtful bags of goodies...thank you all. The last day I had a mini workshop on copper repoussage (metal embossing) with Constance and Susanna. We made, what else?....Frida shrines!!

I decided to use a portrait where she looked pain free. Her work is shockingly personal in her depiction of her physical and psychological pain, I wanted to give her some peace.

We had a beautiful snowstorm that night. Can you see the snow?

The book was found in a thrift store. I thought it appropriately silly for this post. The two "dudes" are from Leslie.

The class gets started. I used to teach this in my art classes. There was no talking back in this group.......maybe a little.

The cookies and soup that Constance brought and the wine that Paula added are gone.


PLUS......I just realized today is exactly my ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008



" Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life". - John Lubbock

Just returned recently from an "adventurous" trip (we had pretty strong winds this time) , sailing in the British Virgin Islands. LOVE THAT WATER. Somebody had the right colors of blue on their palette when they colored the waters of the Caribbean Sea....and the fish.

Can you find the foot in the photo above? How about that end of the day drink and view? ahhhhhhhhh

Below is a page from my sketchbook, a bathing suit hanging from the line.

Some of us, it appears, had a better view than others. Yes, that's our wet bathing suits hanging from the line of our boat.

We went with some dear friends, Paula and Rich. Paula and I took our little sketch books with us and decided we would draw each least some of the days, anyway. It turns out that sometimes things are just too "perfect" to a palm tree for instance. Is there any way to draw a palm tree without making it look trite?

Yes, I was really at this beach. It is a little place called Sandy Cay off of the island of Jost Van Dyck.

Coming soon............Frida Khalo at the Philadelphia Museum of Art