Thursday, May 17, 2007


There is something going on with blogger. There was only supposed to be one goup photo in the last post and now I can't post any.....oh well.


Ok, so my original plan was to post what is happening in my garden. It's spring here in the northeastern US and everything is alive!!!.....but, I went to visit my friend Judys' blog, Red Velvet, and I saw her reference to last year at this time. ITALY!!!! What a wonderful experience that was.

My dear friend Jerri and I traveled to Venice for 3 days and then took the train to Cortona for a week long workshop with Michael demeng (that's me on the right, slightly windblown but ecstatic and Jerri on the left.......also windblown and ecstatic). The workshop was full of great people.....many interesting many to tell, I assure you.

Top row from left to right, Karla, Judy, Michael, Jerri....bottom left to right, Joy, yours truely and Kathryn. There were others as well.

Our first creative project was to drink alot of wine.......and then.....tada!!!! MAKE A WINE BOTTLE SHRINE. I don't remember which was more fun.

That's me working on mine, absolutely at one with the universe. Check out the Tuscan hills out the window. Every once in awhile I would say "reality check" and everyone would look out the window, just to see that "we weren't in Kansas anymore Toto".

That is the finished wine shrine after it had been shipped one piece, I might add.
We ended our trip by visiting Rome for 3 days.
These memories will never fade and the friendships that developed are priceless.

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